CBA Leadership Meets with WorldVenture

wvIn the space between full calendars and numerous responsibilities, eight CBA Regional Executive Directors, along with the Director of Chaplaincy and the five executive leaders of WorldVenture gathered together on June 22-23, 2016, to seek deeper relational connections among us. Through times in the Word and prayer, sharing, laughter, and meals together, we enjoyed a fellowship together that has been missing in recent years.

Together, we expressed our mutual affirmation to the work of healthy relationships, our mutual concerns for making disciples of Jesus Christ in an ever increasing globalized world, and our mutual commitments to the work of Christ in building His Church. We also expressed our desire to take additional steps to improve the communications, the coordination, and the cooperation among us.

CBA WV meetingWe prayed for and sensed the smile of God on our time together. These were days and discussions consecrated to the Lord for His glory!

Jeff Denlinger