Chaplain Keeps Doing the Same Thing: Sharing Jesus in Junior High, in the Army & on the Trail

By Chaplain Dennis Newton, Chaplain, Colonel, US Army Retired, Currently Trail Chaplain

This picture was taken of me last November by my Junior High School Running Buddy- Mark Woods. Mark has told me over the years of how our conversations while running in junior high and high school helped him come to know the Lord. I was just a dumb junior high school kid doing the same thing I did in the Army and now on the trail. Mark is now a Sunday School leader at his church in Temecula, CA. 


Today, Dennis, a retired Army chaplain, devotes time hiking America’s great long-distance trails; seeking hurting and lost souls.  Knowing that 15% of Thru-Hikers* are combat veterans seeking peace, he walks America’s Great Trails with open eyes and ears for opportunities to share Jesus, the Prince of Peace with anyone, especially Veterans.  Every now and then he finds one.


*Note: “Thru-Hikers” are those hikers who attempt to walk an entire trail. The Pacific Crest Trail shown here runs 2650 miles from the US border with Mexico all the way to Canada.

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