Connections: How One Chaplain Connects with People

By Chaplain Randy Brandt, Senior Chaplain, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA

Easter Sunrise Service

It is amazing how the Lord brings connections our way. Last March at the CBNW Annual Enrichment Conference in Seaside, Oregon I met a pastor who attended Denver Seminary the same years I did. We connected with stories of faculty, friends, churches in the area; and shared history as to what led us here over the last 30 years.  It was a meaningful connection.

Fast-forward a couple weeks; this pastor calls and tells me he has a friend whose son-in-law was just sentenced to a 2-year incarceration at the military prison on JBLM.*  He asked whether he knew of anyone who could help.

Prayer Breakfast

My new pastor friend tells of just having shared a banquet with the senior chaplain at JBLM and that it was a God-thing connecting us at that time.

I made a point to go visit the young man.  He was on a spiritual journey, seeking answers and seeking God.  I had the privilege of leading him to the Lord during our visit – God had prepared everything and it all fell into place.  Praise the Lord!

Local Community Clergy Training Event

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Join me in thanking God for chaplains like Randy, who, regardless of rank, never lose their love for the hurting and lost and assertively share the Gospel with those in need.  Pray for more “connections” for Randy and his fellow CBAmerica chaplains in military and civilian institutions across America and around the world.

Note:*  JBLM – Joint Base Lewis-McChord (the new amalgamation of Ft Lewis and McChord Air Force Base)