Online Training for Short-Term Missions


Recent studies have encouraged churches and ministries to scale back on their short-term mission endeavors.  Some root causes for this concern are a lack of training and spiritual formation in those who serve as well as the long-term effectiveness of the field.  Previous studies reveal that less than 20 percent of short-termers are effectively trained in the pre-field, on-field and post-field stages of a short-term mission.  “Training must be much more than a video someone watches or a book to read.  Effective training takes time and an intentional process of discipleship”, says Tory Ruark, a Short-Term Mission Coach for DELTA Ministries International (DELTA).

To make training available to a broader audience, DELTA has launched the first online training course for short-term missions that provides a personal coach to guide participants through the course.  Short-Term Missions 101 is designed for individuals, whether traveling alone or as part of a team, who are not receiving adequate training or who desire to have a more effective short-term mission experience.  Sending agencies can also refer their short-termers to this course to ensure they will be prepared to serve and to be a blessing instead of a burden on the field.

This online course is available for just $45 and provides ideas, techniques, and skills designed to maximize the on-field experience for adults and youth serving on a short-term mission. Training focuses on spiritual growth, character transformation, the ABC’s of short-term mission, cultural adaptation, team building, interpersonal relationships and conflict, evangelism training and field specific modules. Registration includes the online biblical DISC personality profile assessment.

To register for the course or for more information, visit and click on the “Online Course for Short-Term Missions” link or visit the online store.
DELTA is an accredited member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE) and CEO Brian Heerwagen helped develop these best practice standards for the United States.  Since 1979 DELTA has effectively trained and mobilized over 10,000 short-termers and 1,000 teams that have mobilized to 100 countries and 30 US states for missions.