Faces of Hope: Ministry to Women Abused, Addicted, and Arrested

By Chaplain Jerry Levizon-Hughes, Klamath Falls, Oregon

This year I met up with some familiar faces that found themselves in need of a friend. Once again, they were willing to have me in their lives, letting me share God’s love, peace, and plan for them.

(photo: Jerry and her husband, James)

Mimi returned to jail early this year, and I could talk to her about God’s plan for her life.  This friend has had many battles with alcohol. Little has helped her stay sober, so it was easy to say, “Why not give Jesus a chance, what have you got to lose?”

In February, Mimi set out on her new path to Portland Oregon at NARA, Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest, Inc., a Native American rehabilitation facility that has helped many who battle with addiction.

Kim is a mother of seven children and a gal who I have been working with for two and one-half years. I have come to care very deeply for her and her family. Last summer she fell back into her addiction.

It’s been hard to see the pain she has put her children through.  So much so, that God led us to foster her oldest girl.  Please pray for this family.  Josalyn lives with us while Star, Jessica, and James are in a foster home near us.

Catalina, Penny, Estee, Mady, and Sara; I call them my sunshine gals. Including photos of these gals reminds me just how much I have been blessed in knowing them.

Each has their own story of knowing that God loves them. If just for a moment in time, I can share with them what God has given me through His grace, kindness, and Word.  It is how I can best love them.  I didn’t  know I could love so many women in these situations. There are still many who aren’t ready, and I know God will keep me here until he is done with the work he wants me to do for Him.  I couldn’t be more challenged and fullfilled.

Thank you for this opportunity to share these faces with you.

Jerry Levizon-Hughes

Director’s Note:

Jerry’s own story of redemption prepared her for ministry to women in difficult situations. Approached by the elders of her church to join them ministering to those locally incarcerated; focusing on jailed and newly released females, Jerry, with the support of her husband, James, undertook a mammoth ministry task.  It’s difficult, messy, and at times disappointing, but the “faces of hope” included in this report, motivate Jerry to keep visiting, listening, smiling, and sharing the Love of Christ with women who have been abused, addicted, and arrested.

Join me in praying for Jerry and her unique ministry. It is one a select few will pursue.  She is one of 195 CBAmerica chaplains, full-time, part-time, and volunteer, who are “reaching those others can’t…or won’t!”

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