Goldfish Crackers & Ministry

8e21f8620589829fd671dde4f1615e92Chaplain, Captain, John Hatfield serves part-time in the Rhode Island Army National Guard.  He, like 47 other CBAmerica reserve chaplains, performs ministry typically one weekend per month.  Twice a year, we ask for a report of the previous six-month period.  Chaplain Hatfield’s report included a specific answer to prayer.

 “My greatest blessing last quarter involved answered prayer. I was having lunch during drill and eating “Goldfish” crackers out of a zip lock bag at lunch. As I was eating, I found a small note from my wife (packed in the goldfish) with the words “Remember Luke 5” written on it. This note (in the midst of these fish crackers) brought to my remembrance a prayer we shared together and to my awareness that God was answering the prayer that very day.

The details are as follows: During a drill weekend it can be difficult to reach all the Soldiers. Prior to one particular drill, my wife and I had read Luke, chapter 5, as one of our devotional readings. After the reading, we were moved to pray that as the Lord Jesus caused the fish to jump into Peter’s net, so He would cause many soldiers to come into my office and that the Lord would be calling them to follow Him.

I had forgotten about the prayer until I read the note from my wife and that very day had seen a threefold increase in the number of visits from soldiers. Many of them were seeking a greater knowledge of God and spiritual things. The whole experience filled me with joy because of the clever way my wife placed the note in the goldfish bag and most of all that prayer was being answered.

My hope is that the Lord will pull these men into His kingdom like the disciples pulled in the fish. It is a great blessing to know the Lord answers prayer.”

 Pray for “many fish” to be prepared to jump into the nets of our CB-endorsed chaplains; that they would be available and ready to listen and speak words of Life to those in need. 


Submitted by Chaplain Andy Meverden, Director of Chaplaincy, CBAmerica. For more stories of chaplain ministries, check out