2015 Leadership Learning Communities


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Leadership Learning Communities

(Formerly called Pastoral Learning Communities)

The Board of CB Mission Northeast met the first week of January.  At that meeting two significant points, among other things, was agreed upon.

  • The Board affirmed the values, mission and vision of the region.

We VALUE and celebrate:

  • Courageous leaders who passionately seek to equip their churches to accomplish Christ’s mission.
  • Healthy local churches that work to make disciples of Jesus Christ and launch new churches.
  • Partnership and accountability among churches and leaders who are networked together to accomplish our mission.
  • Multiplication of leaders and churches so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ radically impacts the world.

Our MISSION is to serve the local church, assisting them to accomplish their God-given mission to make disciples of all nations.

We enVISION a network of vibrant churches empowered by God and mobilized by passionate spiritual leaders, living out the gospel by serving their communities and making disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

  • In support of these values the Board affirmed the continuation of the Leadership Learning Communities for 2015.I see this direction as transformational for our church. If we don’t rediscover and fully embrace our mission (our church) will fade into obscurity and within 10 years it will die. I often feel completely inadequate for the task. The PLC is helping make up what I lack.”“I would love to see more churches involved. I am perplexed that such a large percentage of churches are unconcerned about their decline in growth.”
  • The schedule for the 2015 LLCs through June are as follows. Please note that all LLCs are scheduled to begin at 10am and conclude prior to 3pm unless otherwise noted.
  • And as another stated:
  • In a survey of the 2014 LLC participants, 90% affirmed the value of the LLCs and 86% expressed their desire to continue the LLCs. As one Pastor noted from the 2014 LLCs:

Paul Borden will be leading the following LLCs during the weeks of February 2-5, March 16-18, April 13-15, May 4-7, and June 15-17

Monday – 2/2, 3/16, 4/13, 5/4 and 6/15- Immanuel Baptist, New Hartford, NY

Tuesday – 2/3, 3/17, 4/14, 5/5 and 6/16 – Randall Church, Williamsville, NY (Buffalo area)                    Note: Beginning at 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday – 2/5, 5/7,   Wednesday –3/18, 4/15, and 6/17 – Levittown Baptist Church, Levittown, NY

As some are aware, Stan Rieb underwent major surgery on his back the first week of December.  Due to his ongoing recovery we will need to make some minor adjustments to the LLCs he is leading.  He will be leading the following LLCs the weeks of February 16-19, March 16-19, April 13-14, May 4-7, and June 8-11

Monday – 2/16, 3/16, 4/13, 5/4, 6/8 – United Baptist, Old Town, ME

Tuesday – 2/17, 3/17, 4/14, 5/5, 6/9 – First Baptist Church, Brewster, NY

Wednesday – 2/18, 3/18, 4/15, 5/6, 6/10 – Faith Baptist Church, Auburn, MA

Thursday – 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/7, 6/11 – Trinity Baptist Church, Nashua, NH

The books for the upcoming months are as follows:

February’s Book –   Re-Imagining Evangelism by Rick Richardson – How, as leaders, do we encourage congregations to become intentional in relational evangelism in their everyday living?

March’s Book – Make or Break Your Church in 365 Days by Paul Borden – Pastors, of even lengthy tenure, often overlook the most basic essentials of effective leadership and ministry that are seldom taught in seminaries.

April’s Book –  Winning on Purpose by John Kaiser – Kaiser helps pastors and church boards understand the role of not merely managing ministry but of becoming leaders of the organizations’ Mission and Vision to help churches fulfill the purpose to “Equip the Saints to do the work of the ministry.”

May and June’s book – Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Larry Bossidy, Ram Charan – To have clarity in values, mission and vision are essential but the breakdown comes in implementation.  Execution will give insight into getting results.

We need to hear from you as soon as possible if you are going to join one of the LLCs, whether you were part of a Learning Community in 2014 or are now willing to join a LLC for 2015. As soon as we receive confirmation of your participation we will order the books for the LLCs through June.

Contact Stan Rieb at Stan.Rieb@cbamerica.org or 303-746-8844 for more information.