Mission Mid-Atlantic Annual Meeting

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We are excited to present this year’s annual meeting: Turn Around Churches. We will have a great time of fellowship and learning with like-minded believers. The meeting will be held May 1-2, 2015.

What does a church in need of turning around look like? What are some tools we can use to make the necessary changes? Have any other Churches experienced the challenges that my church is facing now? We will explore these questions and many more together as we look into God’s word together.

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Contact Rebecca Tunstall at office@missionmid-atlantic.org if you have any questions.

A Note From Jim

According to Patheos.com, 4,000 churches close their doors every single year. There is less than half of the number of churches today than there were only 100 years ago. 3,500 people leave the church every single day.

Mission Mid-Atlantic is intimately aware of the state of the church in our region. As a result, the theme for our upcoming Annual Meeting in Lancaster on May 1,2 is the Turnaround Church.

We invite you to attend this year’s meeting as we give special attention to the current state of the church,and what we are trying to do to bring the Gospel to bear on the changes that need to be made.

In His easy grip,