Never Volunteer…Unless the Spirit Leads You!

Chaplain Brian Hargis is unique.  A former pastor from West Virginia, Green Beret sergeant, missionary to the Philippines, and law enforcement chaplain, he enjoys adrenaline-pumping activities.  In between jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, riding dirt bikes, and teaching military combatives (hand-to-hand combat), he takes every opportunity he can find to share the Gospel and minister to people in need.

While attending the Chaplain Captain Career Course (“C4”) at Ft Jackson, he had the opportunity to cover chapel services for a chaplain who went on leave.  Conventional military wisdom is “never volunteer.”  But when the Spirit of God moves you to take advantage of an opportunity to minister in a potentially fruitful situation, it would be wrong to hesitate.  Read what Chaplain Hargis reported.

Brian Hargis“I had the opportunity to cover chapel services for a Basic Training Chaplain (Ft Jackson) while the chaplain was on leave. The Soldiers were in weeks 1, 2 & 3, and the first week there were too many to count that professed Christ as Savior. My oldest son (PFC Jordan Hargis) visited for college Spring break and led music. It was our first time in uniform, ministering as a ‘Hargis team.’  Jordan graduated from his military training Dec 17, and is now in the Ohio Army National Guard. He attends Cedarville University in Ohio. The soldiers were very receptive of Jordan’s encouragement not to quit.  He could really relate to them since he had just completed his Basic Training.

The second week there were approximately 25 saved and 15 the third week. Each week there was a contagious increase in attendance. There were 225 Soldiers at the 3rd service. Many of them sang and played instruments. The Soldiers signed up for prayer and baptism, and I hope to participate in the baptism before graduation.

Brian 2For the third week, a relative requested to record the service but I did not have the equipment. That week, a camera and tripod were donated for the ministry! I did my best to record the service, but the memory card filled and missed the preaching. I am in the process of making a video of the music and testimonies of the Soldiers.

Overall, the greatest blessing of the quarter was to Minister with my son, reach lost souls with the Gospel, and lead them to Christ.  It’s also great to live on post for the first time in 24 years. I’m 1 mile from work and come home for lunch.”


Chaplain Hargis requests prayer for the following:

  1. Increased skill in guitar playing as I picked up a guitar a year ago. I started playing in “Chapel Next” and am taking lessons every Thursday.
  2. We are homeschooling our two youngest boys for the first time. God has given my wife the patience to do this for the 6 months of C4. We may continue the trend in Hawaii.
  3. My book, “Marriage is a Four Letter Word,” was accepted by the Army Chaplain School Library and available to students. It’s also become available on e-book. A church group in Missouri is using it for church Bible Study, and the couple who teach the class (CW2 Cameron) were rescued from divorce in 2011 when the husband was saved under my ministry in Afghanistan. (Pray for wider distribution and impact on military marriages.)
  4. Transition to our next assignment in Hawaii.
  5. More opportunities for ministry.

Join me in thanking God for the fruitful ministry of Chaplain Brian Hargis.  Rejoice in the amazing response by the Basic Training Recruits, and pray for their follow-on response to baptism.   As you do, pray for the health, safety, and opportunity of all our CBAmerica Chaplains, military and civilian, serving across our nation and around the world, often in risky situations.  Pray for their families to remain healthy and in harmonious relationships.

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