No Place Else to Rest

HatfieldBy Chaplain John Hatfield
Rhode Island Army National Guard

Acts 14:22: “Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.”

As Paul traveled throughout the Mediterranean preaching the gospel, he also was blessed to “confirm” or strengthen the many brothers and sisters in Christ who were in much “tribulation” or trouble. In a similar way, I was blessed to have opportunity to preach the gospel and minister to other believers who were encountering seasons of tribulation in their lives during our [Army National Guard] Annual Training at Fort Drum, New York.

One particular instance comes to my remembrance. A Soldier who was hurt during training needed to rest for a few days. The only space available happened to be next to me in my tent. Before I even met the Soldier I knew the Lord was moving in circumstances.

When I returned from visiting the [artillery] batteries, I entered a dark tent and found the Soldier with a very somber disposition. He had been laying there all day in the hot tent and seemed dejected and not eager to talk. I was moved to press on and began asking questions about his life and other things.

I soon found that this man was a Christian and was hurting not only physically but spiritually. The next few hours were spent exhorting him in the faith and through much tribulation we enter God’s kingdom.

What a blessing it was to see his face change and his soul lifted up as he remembered who he was in Christ and that sin no longer had dominion over him. Since that day he has continued to show great change and spiritual vigor and even visited my church to hear me preach. I praise the Lord for this ministry!

Chaplain Hatfield adds two prayer requests to his report:

  1. Continued open doors for ministry in the Armed Forces.
  2. That the Lord would grant great boldness in the faith to live Christ as well as preach Christ.

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