No Pool, No Problem: Base Pond Serves for Believer’s Baptism

roy1By Chaplain Roy Fondren

Whiting Field, Florida

“Naval Health Clinic Whiting Field’s PO2 Lovin desired to publically display his faith in Jesus via Baptism. Upon discovering the Base Pool was drained for the season, he said ‘no problem, no reason why the Base Pond won’t do!’ So it was in the cool waters of this sun and Son shining day that the faithful display of his obedience to Christ was seen by those that celebrated with him! It’s a tremendous joy to see and serve our Sailors as they excel personally and professionally! Lord, may our Brother and Sailor enjoy Your grace richly each day You purpose him for Your Glory! Amen!

My Greatest Blessing of the Quarter:

roy2Beneath the surface relationships are increasing! I have the honor of serving about 3,400 folks but yet; with this quarter representing year one done, I’m humbled to actually get to know and be known by folks significantly deeper.  I fretted that upon arriving…’how can I get deep with sooo many to serve’ and yet, it’s happening via Spirit led deckplate* ministry!  It’s crazy exciting!

I also am near completing the Fly Doctors Aviator Syllabus. Something no other Chaplain has completed.  By God’s grace, I’ll be able to continue plugging away at it and complete it! I’ve been able to now fly the T6, Th-57, MH-53E and MH-60. I’m set to fly the T-45 in the next few weeks.  I share that only for the sake of joyfulness of contextual connection with my people! I’m surrounded by Aviators, Students and Fleet seasoned warriors; so the more aircraft I have ‘Pilot at the Controls’ experience with, the greater my ability to relate and get deeper! God’s awesome!”

roy3Chaplain Fondren reported the following ministry results during this last quarter: Worship Services: 3, Bible Studies: 2, Crisis Interventions: 3, First-time Decisions: 14, Rededications: 6, Baptisms: 1!

Rejoice with Chaplain Fondren over the new names written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life! And rejoice over the several hundred professions of faith and baptisms witnessed by our CBAmerica chaplains thus far in 2016.


roy4For more stories of God’s amazing work in and through our CBAmerica chaplains, go to For information on endorsement for chaplaincy, contact Andy Meverden, Director of Chaplaincy at


*Deckplate ministry is a Navy term much like “workplace ministry.”