Redeployed, Not Retired!

Capital City Rescue MissionIt has been a challenge making contact with all of our CBAmerica chaplains during my first six months on the job.  One chaplain I almost gave up on was Rev. Donald Lyon.  Finally, I got him on the phone, verified his contact info, and when I asked about his ministry, I couldn’t take notes fast enough.  So I asked Don to send me a robust report of his ministry career.  What I learned was impressive.

Don writes, “I received my ecclesiastical endorsement from CBAmerica Chaplaincy on April 12, 2010. I entered the pastoral ministry in 1967 and stepped down from a senior pastoral position January 2009. I am currently serving the Lord at the Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany NY, working with homeless men. The last church where I served for 27 years understands I have retired from my senior pastor position, however, I tell all others that I have been redeployed.

The Lord has opened a new door of ministry sharing the Gospel with homeless men and guiding them through our “Life Program” to become disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus gives them an abundant life forever. Visit us at to see how we are “Giving Hope…Transforming Lives” to many men today. I am grateful for the Lord’s leading in 42 years of pastoral ministry and now 6 years of a ministry to homeless men in Albany NY.”

Don quantified the extent of his ministry activity over the past six months: “22 worship services, 54 Bible Studies, 40 other small groups, 288 one-on-one visits.”  The results: 18 first-time decisions for Christ and 22  rededications among “the least of these” roaming the streets of Albany New York!!!

How can you pray for an “old Lyon” on his “second wind?”  Don continues:

  • “Pray for continued effectiveness in reaching homeless men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray as we are establishing a Rescue Mission for homeless women at our Albany campus.
  • Pray for growth in a local Baptist church which started in our chapel and now meets in Celebration Hall at our Albany campus.
  • Pray for more of our men to follow the Lord through the waters of baptism under the leadership of Pastor Randall who is an ordained Baptist minister.”

I was amazed reading all Don reported, so I checked his file to find out his year of birth.  Don Lyon will be 75 this August!  Do me a favor and send an email birthday greeting to Don at (you know he’s been around a while with an email like that).

Pray for Don and his wife, Ruth (the other Lyon), as they invest their autumn years “reaching those others can’t…or wont!”

PS:  If after reading this, you sense the Holy Sprit is nudging you to get involved with some new and/or audacious form of ministry, talk to your pastor or elder for advice.  If they agree you have the gifting and life circumstance to pursue some form of chaplaincy, contact me for info on how you might become endorsed by CBAmerica to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Andy Meverden

Director of Chaplaincy
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