The Fox Report

Fox1The Fox Report: 785 Visits in 2016 – Report on Two

Chaplain Andy writes: “Chaplain Gerry Fox has served Military, Veterans and Family members of the Southern California VA Healthcare System for many years. He graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1967, and spent 8 years as an infantry officer. Following that he served 20 years with Overseas Servicemen’s Services Centers (Cadence Int’l). He became an Army Reserve Chaplain in 1989 and served 15 years, the last five which were full time. All that experience prepared him for ministry to Veterans and their families. I was encouraged by his biannual ministry report, and want to share it with you.”


Sowing and Reaping – Fertile Soil:

Fox2Chaplain Fox: “I was so encouraged with a post-op patient named Mike. He was located in the Community Living Center recovering from a knee replacement surgery. He mentioned that the surgery had gone well and mentioned how thankful he was that a chaplain had prayed for him. His inference was that he needed someone like a chaplain to pray on his behalf. I explained to him that if he had a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, he could go directly to God in prayer even when a chaplain or minister were not available.

I shared Revelation 3:20 with him and explained that God wanted that special relationship with him and it was up to him to open the door of his heart to Christ. He explained that even as I was sharing this Scripture he was desiring to come into this relationship. I was able to lead him in prayer in which he committed his life to Christ.”

Watering & Cultivating – Hard Soil:

“Recently I have been encouraged by more open discussion with a patient whom I have seen sporadically over a few years. A few years ago he adamantly insisted on being in the status of not wanting to see or have visits from a chaplain.”


Prayer Requests:

Chaplain Fox asks prayer for:

  • Continued open doors in sharing the gospel with patients during spiritual assessments and follow up visits, especially with patients I visit weekly in the Community Living Center.
  • Pray that relationships would be deepened, especially with some who are not particularly interested in or have been resistant to God and the spiritual dimension of their lives.
  • Wisdom in challenging patients to a deeper relationship with God.


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