When I Was in Prison, You Visited Me: Chaplain Brings Ministry Home

By Chaplain Jerry Levizon-Hughes, Jail Ministry, with Andy Meverden, Director of Chaplaincy

Andy Meverden writes: “Last year, while reviewing Jerry’s ministry update, I picked up on an amazing story. Out of concern and compassion for an incarcerated mother of three, Jerry volunteered to take her daughter* into her home. Wondering how this would work out, I eagerly anticipated her follow-up report. Read ‘the rest of the story.’”

“The biggest blessing in the last six months is that the gals I have seen in jail or out, keep in touch with me. They aren’t concerned about me just stopping by to see them, whether they aren’t doing well, and end up back in jail or in rehab. Whatever the situation, they want me to come see them. ‘Thank you, Father for keeping these doors open!’

In January, I will meet Christina who is coming out of a nearby correctional facility through our HGO program (Home for Good in Oregon). She has asked for a mentor in our area, and the pastor at the prison called me.

Josalyn* has been in our home for 11 months, I call her my ‘God daughter’ because it was God that put us together. It’s been especially hard on her. It’s not easy losing family and she has struggled trying to keep her siblings nearby. However, God is good; and with a whole lot of prayer, Josalyn’s siblings ended up just a few blocks from us – huge praise!!!!!!! and thanks to Jesus. (This is Josalyn this past summer learning to drive on a riding lawnmower!)

I haven’t been in our jail since October, as there have been no requests. Most gals when they leave the jail don’t contact me unless they are in need, and only if they still have my info. However, if they end up back in jail, they will look me up or ask for some other chaplain to come see them.

  • Please pray for the gals I see in jail and the ones I write to at a nearby correctional facility. I don’t know their story, but they all have one.
  • Pray for Josalyn as she is still struggling emotionally. Pray for her mom, Kim, and her siblings.
  • Pray for the gals in rehab, crisis homes and mental health treatment. Many have not yet put their trust in Jesus. ‘It’s a process,’ as one gal said!
  • Please pray for my husband and me; for the extra work and stress this ministry places on our marriage.

Thank you,


Join me in praying for Jerry and her husband, Jim, as they nurture and care for Josalyn, in addition to the female inmates. It’s one thing to spend time in jail, listening, counseling and praying with adults. It’s quite another to take in an inmate mother’s child.

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