Yuma Area Churches meet to Pray for One Another

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Yuma Prays for Churchesby Pastor Glenn Connell

Valley Baptist Church, Yuma

Back on August 23, 2014 Pastor Rick Seltzer and Grace Bible Fellowship Church of Yuma hosted the Pastors, Deacons, and their wives of First Baptist Church of Quartzsite, Calvary Baptist, and Valley Baptist of Yuma for a time of fellowship, dinner, and prayer.

The main purpose was to pray for Calvary Baptist who had lost their Pastor and was dealing with a difficult time as a church in transition.

The Leadership of all of these churches rallied around Calvary and its leaders to encourage, to support, and especially to pray for them and their church.

To start off the New Year, on January 10, 2015, Pastor Glenn Connell and Valley Baptist Church of Yuma hosted the Pastors, Deacons, and their wives of Grace Bible Fellowship, Calvary Baptist, and First Baptist Quartzsite for a time of fellowship, dinner, and prayer.

They continued to pray for Calvary Baptist, but also this time included prayer for all of the churches and leaders represented. It was a time to encourage and to pray for each other.

It was a great time of connecting as individuals and as churches. Just as the church rallied and prayed for the Apostle Peter (Acts 12) when he was arrested, these churches rallied to pray for one another.

Yes there was a time of fellowship and excellent food, but its main purpose was to pray for one another. The men (pastors and deacons) met around a fire, shared requests and concerns. Then there was time spent in prayer.

The women (wives) met together in a room in a circle. They also shared concerns and requests followed by a time of prayer.

One nice thing about this group of Pastors is that they also meet on a regular basis as part of a Pastor’s Connection Group. This time spent together at the Connection Group helps to give further knowledge and understanding of the churches among these Pastors.

Therefore, just as the Pastor Connection Group supports and adds to these gatherings of churches, so the meetings of these churches and leaders add value to the Pastor Connection Group time.

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