A Long Commute

A Long Commute: Ministry in Home for the Elderly, Kifisia, Greece
By Chaplain Randy Hurtt, Columbia, SC/Kifisia, Greece

In Mark 10:51, Jesus asks Blind Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” Didn’t Jesus know already? Of course, He did!! Yet, the Son of God respected the dignity of a man whom society viewed, if not as an outcast, at best a “fringe-dweller.” And, when Bartimaeus boldly declared, “Master, I want to see!” Jesus fulfilled his request.

In 2019, I dared to ask the residents of Loida (pronounced “Low-ee-tha”) Home for the Elderly, in Kifisia, Greece, what they would like done for them. Although they appreciated the many volunteer efforts on their behalf, their almost universal response was for the presence of a full-time chaplain. Interestingly, the Greek word “ποιμένας” translates as both “pastor” and “shepherd.”

As I wind up my tenth 2-month “tour of duty” since 2018, it is my prayer that the Evangelical believers of Athens will one day unite to provide the “Loidans” with such a shepherd. In the meantime, so long as God enables me, I will love them as their Good (Under) shepherd, restoring their souls through personal visits, nightly Bible studies, and as of March 2023, recorded YouTube devotionals.

Dr/COL(Ret)/Rev/Bro Randy A. Hurtt (M.Div/D.Min, CIU)

…..or just Chaplain Randy!! 😊

Pray for Chaplain Randy Hurtt as he faithfully pursues his self-funded, cross-cultural ministry to the elderly in Greece. A retired math teacher, Greek linguist, and Army Reserve Civil Affairs officer with multiple combat tours, Randy knows how to “count the cost” and operate in other cultures, especially, Greek. Pray for him as he shepherds the lost sheep of modern Greece and for the Spirit’s leading as he prepares YouTube devotionals in the Greek language.

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