Our Story



Our founding began with the gospel and prayer. In the early years of the 20th century, churches were in conflict over the historic beliefs of the Christian faith and the core of the gospel message. While some turned away from the authority of Scripture and the divinity of Jesus, many other faithful followers of Christ wanted to continue sharing the truth of the Bible and the good news of Jesus throughout the world. They wanted pastors, churches and missionaries with the same love and conviction.

More About Us

It was in this historical context, wrestling with these questions of faith, that in 1943, approximately 75 Christian leaders met in Chicago, Illinois to pray and seek a way forward.

  • Starting the Association

    While on their knees in prayer, they took a history-making stand and started a mission agency called Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society (now WorldVenture).

  • Supporting Missionaries

    CBFMS, and later Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society (now Missions Door) were born to assist churches in training, sending, and supporting missionaries with an unwavering commitment to the authority of the Bible and the proclamation of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Returning to Our Roots

    These same churches that formed CBFMS/CBHMS, saw their denomination continuing to move away from their founding gospel message. After three years of encouraging the denomination to return to its historic gospel roots, and at the risk of their church properties and pastoral pensions, in 1947, these churches moved away from their denomination and formed the Conservative Baptist Association of America.


After almost 75 years of ministry, we are now called “Venture Church Network.” We continue to embrace our historical heritage that took risks to move away from endangering the good news of Jesus Christ! And like a ship that is built for dangers of the ocean and not the safety of the harbor, so that gospel message, while needing a safe harbor of biblical truth, is intended to be propagated throughout the world, no matter the risks. Today, we continue to embrace our ethos of taking risks for the sake of the gospel by helping every church take bold next steps to advance Gospel-centered transformational churches in every community we touch.

What Matters to Us

Advancing Gospel-centered transformational churches in every community.

Our Story_gospel driven

Gospel Driven

In the past, we moved away from a faithless gospel. Now we’re moving toward a life-giving faith.

Our Story_biblically focused

Biblically Focused

In the past, we moved away from a disintegrating theology. Now we’re moving toward an incarnational strategy.

Our Story_disciple making

Disciple Making

In the past, we moved away from a safe place to stagnate. Now we’re moving toward a risky place to grow.

Our Story_relationally focused

Relationally Committed

In the past, we moved away from meeting a historical obligation. Now we’re moving toward choosing a synergistic partnership.