Amazing follow up to Living Faith Christian Church baptisms

A few weeks ago, we shared a conversation between VCN President Dave Whitaker and Mark Lydecker, Executive Pastor at Living Faith Christian Church in Farmingdale, New York. If you missed it, you can watch itĀ HERE.Ā Mark had a chance to share with us what was happening in their church and the upcoming baptisms they would be doing on August 6th.

Living Faith wasn’t sure how many people would actually be baptized; that number had been growing for weeks. On August 6th, as their church gathered on the beach with those that had decided to take the next step after professing their faith in Jesus, there was so much excitement.

147 people walked into the ocean and were baptized!

Watch a video of some of the baptismsĀ HERE.

We are rejoicing at both the professions among these believers as well as the faithfulness of Living Faith to preach the gospel boldly and without apology.Ā These are exciting times, and I hope that we all are encouraged today to continue the work that God has called us to.

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