God is doing incredible things in the Northeast Region

We are so excited to share this conversation with you.  It’s easy to get bogged down by the mundane things you are dealing with in your church, and at times it can deter us from the most important work, preaching the gospel message.  This casual conversation about what is happening now with Living Faith Christian Church in Farmingdale, NY, is exciting!

Mark Lydecker, the Executive Pastor at Living Faith, shares with us what God is doing and the expectation of what He is going to do in the next few weeks.  It’s both encouraging to hear and a wonderful reminder of what can happen when we choose to be gospel-driven churches preaching the simplicity of the gospel and letting God do what He can do.

This video is a little longer than most, but we encourage you to take some time to listen in.  We hope it fires you up and excites you to continue to press forward in your work for Him.

We can’t wait to hear an update from Mark in the coming weeks.

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