Healthy Churches Attract Healthy Pastors

Dr. Rich Brown
National Director of Pastor and Regional Relationships for Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM)
Most churches in transition hope to find a healthy new pastor. One of the unexpected benefits of a church having an intentional interim pastor is the effect that decision can have on pastoral applicants.

Pastoral candidates are impressed with a church that takes the time to invest in growing healthier and stronger while getting ready for their next pastor.

Churches in a pastoral transition loved and led by the intentional interim pastor can get healthier and stronger as they work on:Gaining clarity of their church‚Äôs mission. Evaluating the healthiness of their church‚Äôs culture. Adjusting their church‚Äôs ministry focus to outward instead of inward. Assessing their readiness for change. Addressing issues of church conflict. Healthier pastoral candidates are drawn to churches that are already working on these and other areas of their church, illustrating the saying, ‚ÄúHealthy churches attract health pastors.‚ÄĚ To learn more, watch the video below where¬†Dr. Tom Harris, President of Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) explains how an IPM pastor is prepared to help a church attract a healthy next pastor.

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