Jesus, the Light of the World

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Advent 1

Candle #2: Jesus, the Light of the World

Last week in our first Advent reading, our focus was longing – not only anticipating the first coming of our Lord which we celebrate at Christmas but looking forward with eager expectation to His second coming – the advent believers long for today.

This week we move from longing to light.

John 1:1-9

John was born to be the forerunner of Christ, born to bear witness of the light. We too have been born to bear witness of the light. Each time we approach the Advent season, we become joyously occupied with celebrating what the Light has done in our lives. While John the Baptist was the first person called to be a witness of that light, his calling has become ours. He was a witness of the light, and so are we.

What does it mean to be a witness of the light?  It simply means that we point to Jesus and say, “Look, Jesus is the light of the world!” Just as John pointed to Jesus and said, “Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!”

John’s job was not to coerce those around him to accept his announcement as truth. Nor did Jesus expect him to make believers all by himself. Neither can we make believers, but like John, we can point to Christ and say with all of our hearts, “Here is the Lamb of God. the Light of the World!” God will never hold us accountable for being ineffective in pointing the way, but He will hold us accountable for our cowardly silences. We call attention to the light and leave the results to Him.

As we see the beautiful lights increase as Christmas approaches, let’s be reminded that Jesus is the Light of the world and of our great opportunity to be witnesses of the Light.

So consider, what does it mean to be a “light” to others? How can each of us be a light to our friends, co-workers, and neighbors in how we speak and behave?

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