Pastor – Meriden, NH

First Baptist Church of Meriden, NH
2 Main St. Meriden, NH 03770 (603) 469-3933

First Baptist of Meriden is seeking to replace our long serving pastor due to retirement. We are looking
for a pastor who is called to the mission field of northern New England, with a heart for the lost and a gift
for discipling those already in the flock. We have been an independent Baptist congregation since the
18th century and are looking to keep the theology consistent while having our ministry continually
updated to meet the needs of the 21st century. We are trusting in God to call the minister He wants and
pray that we may recognize the next pastor God wants for this assembly.

We are in a small town in one of the most secular areas of the country and as such we are a small
church. The current Sunday worship attendance is in the 30’s with a number of families who have been
committed to the church for many years. We have people involved in prayer meetings, mens and
women’s ministries, worship ministry, missions, and children’s ministry. We have lots of personal
connections with other evangelical churches in the area.

The town is Plainfield, NH (Meriden being one of the two villages in the town) which is one of the 25
towns of the Lebanon Micropolitan Area (often spoken of as the “Upper Valley”). The area is anchored
by Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Health, and the many businesses and startups that have spun off from
them over the years just to our north. The entire area has around 78,000 people. Like Plainfield, most of
the towns surrounding the core of Hanover, NH, Lebanon, NH, and Hartford, VT have around 2,000
persons each. It is no longer true that there are more cows or sheep than people. All that to say, despite
the rural nature of our town, there is a lot more diversity than might be expected due to our connections
with the greater area, including Kimball Union Academy, a private school in town.

The church owns our building (artist rendering at top) which is at the intersection of Main Street and
Route 120, one of the 2 main roads in the town. We have endeavored to keep it maintained and updated
so it may continue to be useful in God’s kingdom work and a testament to His care over the many years.
We also own our parsonage, which is a quick walk to the church and has been added onto and
renovated around 15 years ago.

If this ministry opportunity sounds like something you would like to explore more, we would love to find
out about you as well. The easiest way to contact the pulpit committee is via the email address at the
top, you can send along a resume/profile and we can answer questions that you may have.

God Bless,
Betty, Joe, Jonathan, and Stewart
First Baptist Pulpit Committee

First Baptist Church
2 Main Street
Meriden, NH. -3770