Last-minute Good-byes

Text reply from recently released inmate

By Jerry Levizon, Chaplain to female inmates, Pacific Northwest

This New Year’s Day I woke up early to take Misty to the train station in Klamath Falls Oregon. On Monday December 30, Misty was released from jail after serving 6 months. I began visiting Misty in jail three months prior.

The morning of her release I was there to help with transportation, but what she needed was shoes, socks, and clothes. Did I say I love to shop! Next stop, food stamp office, and Walmart where she purchased a phone.  Last stop was the Gospel Mission for a place to stay. I lured Misty away from her  friends who were also leaving jail that morning with a McDonald’s breakfast…everyone agreed for Misty not to pass on that!

Nevertheless, the next day Misty did not follow through.  We were  supposed to meet up, so I could drive her to the mental health office.  She was a no show.  Misty had a friend named Angie who was also there at Misty’s release; but Angie only wanted help from Misty to get her man out of jail!  

My concern was that Misty had met up with Angie and she was gone for good. Oh well!  My work for the Lord was done, so I thought! That night on New Years’ Eve, I got a text from Misty saying that she just wanted to spend some time with Angie and her friend’s man before leaving the area. Misty’s mom sent her a ticket for home, and Misty still needed a ride to the train station on New Year’s Day at 8 a.m. “No worries.” I texted.  I could do that!

That night I prayed that Misty would be ok, and for the Lord to protect her from the Evil One who wanted her back in his grip. This morning I was up before my alarm and read a text from Misty. She was at a Motel 6 and needed a ride to her friend’s place to pick up her stuff and then the Mission for her meds before getting on the train.

I was up, dressed and out of the house before sunup, and wondered what Misty had gotten herself into. She was at the Motel 6 with a gal I had never met. “What’s up?” I asked and Misty said that Angie and her man began to party, and Misty wanted no part of it.  So she called another friend she met in jail who was also struggling to stay sober, and together they rented a room.  A Hallelujah! Moment!

I gave Misty’s friend, who she spent the night with, a ride home, then  picked up Misty’s stuff from Angie and the Mission. Making it just in time for her train ride home. Misty thanked me. We hugged and I said that I was proud of her choices. I told Misty that God puts people in our life for a reason, but you must make the choice to change; how God wants to help you. “He is not going to force you Misty!” I said. “He designed you for a purpose and it wasn’t to live in the streets and wander aimlessly as you have done.” I went on to say God will love you more than anyone on this earth ever could! More than your father who won’t love you.

The only way to know him, it’s to read his Word, keep praying and watch for wholesome, like-minded people he puts into your life. While on the train, Misty texted me her mom’s phone number and we vowed to stay in touch.

Join Jerry in praying for Misty; that she would follow Jesus, Misty’s Savior.  While at it, pray for CBAmerica’s 13 other chaplains serving at the Federal, State and Local level.

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