Making Airborne Disciples: Paratroopers Dig Deeper in God’s Word

Making Airborne Disciples: Paratroopers Dig Deeper in God’s Word
By Sean Callahan, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC

Our travel schedule remained as busy as ever for this quarter, but one incredible blessing was the increase in one-on-one discipleship meetings each week. I have several Paratroopers that I meet with on a regular basis, and their desires range from wanting to grow deeper in their faith to wanting to prepare for a future in ministry. We ordinarily meet once a week, and during that time discuss Scripture passages that we have been studying, as well as trying to prayerfully answer the question, “what is God saying to me?”

We often throw around phrases like, “listening for God,” without always understanding the mechanics of the listening part. As a result, much of our study revolved around answering that question. If God truly is directing my life, then how am I listening for those moments? How am I learning to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit? How am I cultivating deep disciplines of study and prayer that will help me to know and understand the will of God?

I derive immense joy from seeing passion for God’s word grow in the hearts of those I work and live with. The hours upon hours spent meeting with these individuals, going over the basics of “how to study the Bible,” praying together, and discussing life and Scripture have been some of the most rewarding moments of the deployment. It is especially encouraging to see them pursue further study on their own, listen to prominent pastors and teachers, read commentaries, and begin to sense God’s leading in their lives. If I could spend all day meeting with people for discipleship, I would.

These moments remind me that no matter how I may be feeling, or how much we all miss home, or however remote our location, God is always at work. His plans are so much grander than anything we could hope for, and it is both a joy and privilege to see pieces of those plans unfold in the lives of my Paratroopers.

Please pray for continued safety as our Paratroopers begin to redeploy home. Pray for new opportunities for ministry as we reintegrate into our new unit and chapel life in garrison.  Pray for Katie and me as we adjust to the addition of our second child born in March.

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