Motorcycle Chaplain Vies for Dream Chopper: How cool is this?

By Shawn Taylor, Motorcycle Club Chaplain, Phoenix, AZ

Brothers and Sisters in Christ I need your vote! I recently entered and was accepted for the chance to win a custom chopper built by Paul Teutul Sr. and Orange County Choppers. The competition is called Dream Chopper.

Those who know me I have a passion for riding and a calling to reach motorcycle riders from all backgrounds.

This is a great opportunity to not only have a one-of-a-kind bike built. But it includes an appearance on American Chopper and the cover of Cycle Source Magazine. Imagine the chance to share my passion and love for Jesus on a nationally broadcast TV show. Also, the appearance on the magazine and other promotions will give a secondary exposure that can reach riders across the country.

My #dreamchopper is a ministry themed bike. Including the nails from the Two Thieves Motorcycle Ministry and a matching color scheme. I have told them I want something built that is low & fast. A bike that has an aggressive “beefy” stance & a big head light that looks like a freight train heading toward you.

I think I can do so much good for the kingdom on this bike. And yes, I confess the bike will be nice to have.

You might ask “How can you help?” I am glad you asked.

Voting starts Monday October 26th. I earn one vote per person every 24 hours by you logging in with a valid Facebook account and voting for me.

There are multiple rounds over the next seven weeks. Each week people are eliminated until December 17th when a winner is selected.

I know I am asking a lot of you and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to help me do this.

Here is a link to my profile page

I will also be giving updates to everyone, so for the next seven weeks you will see a bunch of motorcycle posts on my social media accounts. Wait. That is no different than normal huh?

You can follow me and my progress at:

  • Twitter @intheknight
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Associate Director, Andy Meverden writes: “I had the privilege of casting the first 10 votes in Shawn’s favor. Join me in helping Chaplain Taylor win this chopper and the opportunity to share his ministry on this unique, nation-wide platform. I’ve known Shawn since 2015 and have seen his grit and passion in winning bikers to Christ. Vote now!”

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