Police Officer Turned Chaplain Utilizes Chaplaincy to Train Police Officers

by Greg Amundson, Chaplain, DHS

Rev. Gregory J. Amundson currently serves as a Senior Instructor for the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, in Glynco, GA. Greg leads a team of law enforcement specialists responsible for teaching content related to tactics, use of force, and critical decision-making. Greg has developed a curriculum on de-escalation and peak performance for law enforcement that was adopted by over 150 federal agencies. He has received numerous merit awards for his work, including the Department of Homeland Security Secretaries Award.

Since he arrived at FLETC in November 2021, Greg has also volunteered as a chaplain for students and staff and has helped advance chaplaincy within his agency. To this extent, Greg has spearheaded research in the field of moral injury in law enforcement, recommending chaplaincy as a wellness resource to help officers heal from the devastating impact of these injuries on the quality of their lives. Greg also worked alongside the FLETC peer support team to develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) on chaplaincy, the first of its kind for FLETC, ensuring that students and staff are aware of the presence of a chaplain on center, in addition to the confidential communication that chaplains can provide.

The recent article Greg published in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin has been a catalyst for agencies across the nation to adopt chaplaincy as a wellness resource and has led to opportunities to develop curricula on law enforcement chaplaincy, moral injury, and resilience. Click the following link to read Greg’s article.

Law Enforcement Chaplains: A Confidential Resource — LEB (fbi.gov)

Gregory J. Amundson

Senior Instructor (Chaplain)

MAML, MABTS, Doctoral Candidate, Regent University (School of Divinity)

Enforcement Operations Division

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

Pray for Chaplain Amundson as he faithfully ministers in and out of the classroom to his students and through his writing and research. God has opened a door for him to influence law enforcement personnel at the entry and executive levels.

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