Would He Have Ridden a Motorcycle? – Chaplain Reaches Bikers for Jesus

Would He Have Ridden a Motorcycle? – Chaplain Reaches Bikers for Jesus
By Shawn Taylor, Motorcycle Chaplain, Phoenix, AZ

The Christian Motorcycle Association has a pamphlet with the title; “He Would Have Ridden a Motorcycle.”  The inside text continues…

“Jesus The Biker: He was a lot like you and me.  The government didn’t like him.  The church thought he was weird.  His friends were few.  What friends he had, denied him. He was persecuted by hypocrites.  He hung around people like you and me, not the goody-two-shoes Pharisees.

            Yes, if Jesus were on this earth in the flesh, he would be next to you on his motorcycle telling you he loved you…enough to die for you.”

VCN Chaplain, Shawn Taylor, rides motorcycles with a motley crew in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun and shares this message with any bikers who will listen.

He shares the following biannual report starting with blessings:

  • The motorcycle contest connected/reconnected me with hundreds of riders and non-riders alike.
  • Two new members are being disciplined to join our Motorcycle Ministry.
  • Have had a couple of opportunities to teach at Men’s breakfasts and events.
  • Have had a few overnight events that has provided an opportunity to make some new and strengthen old relationships.
  • Have seen men in my group grow in faith and confidence sharing their faith.

Please pray for:

  • God’s will in the purchase and establishment of our motorcycle shop. We want it to be His idea, not just a good business decision.
  • Wisdom as new people come to speak with us about possibly creating new Two Thieves Motorcycle Chapters.
  • Creativity and planning help for the Men’s Summit in October. That as we plan, we will listen to God and find ways to reach men for His glory.

Pray for Chaplain Taylor as he balances the needs of his bikers with his full-time employment.  Like many volunteer chaplains, he works full-time to bi-vocationally support his specialized chaplaincy ministry.

For more stories by and about Venture Churches’ 200 chaplains, military and civilian, visit Chaplaincy – Venture Church Network (venturechurches.org). For information on chaplain endorsement, email Randy Brandt, Director, at r.brandt@venturechurches.org

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